A perfect day in the park in my Dimensione Danza shoe picks

Last week I went to a Dimensione Danza event in Baneasa Shopping City (first floor) and went bejeezus for their shoe selection from Ash. That’s why I picked my favorites to try them on and brag about that here, so you can know all about it! These soft super cool and suuuper comfy boots are a perfect alternative to the so worn out UGGs that everybody chooses for winter cold days. And they look much more prettier, kind of chic really. They make a perfect pair with a mini skirt and a butter soft brown leather jacket.

These rock’n’rolla boots…well… they are totally not my style. I mean, I would have never thought even to try on such big super heavy boots. But I loved the personality they bring in an outfit. And because a girl should never say never, I jumped for the opportunity to show that I can do ‘rock’ the real way. They bring out the “worst” in you in a true Iron Maiden way.

Now these “little” ones here where like walking on little pillows and floating and dreaming and being lovey dovey with your sweetheart in a true roller-skater way. You can tell by my moves that it was so easy strolling in them.

If you know me by now you now I can’t go back on a nice swing-swing. That’s why I picked these precious sneakers versus wedge versus studs to fly away with me. They are my absolute number one choice and I’m not a sneakers person. They are pretty, comfortable and work with half of my wardrobe. So, so cool!

Kisses from yours truly,

*Find out more about Dimensione Danza on their Facebook page.

Wearing Asos dress, H&M blouse, Ash booties and sneakers from Dimensione Danza.

Photos by Andreea Veder. Meet her on her music blog at CutTheBiography.com


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