Avanpremiere 11

Avanpremiere Gala is one of the few events here in Romania that I can’t wait for to take place every season. Why? Because it is a great place to see new talents, to meet with the professionals in the business and because – well, it’s one of the few fashion events with a really good organization. Unfortunately, we lack that. That’s why I am curious to see what they will bring fresh this time. 
The designers that we can see at this edition are: Iris Serban, Simona Semen, Anca & Silvia Negulescu, Natalia Vasiliev and newcomers Carmen Cherehes, Loredana Novotni and Stefan Musca (men).
I’m preparing something special for you regarding this event, so please stay close for more information. You will thank me later, I promise!

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