Blak Swan in ballerinas

Last night I saw “Black Swan”. For me, it is definitely one of the greatest movies I’ve seen lately. And I’ve seen a lot!

I am afraid that trying to describe it I will ruin the pleasure it reserves for you. Also, I am afraid that you won’t feel the same about it as I do. But even so, I can’t help myself. I must tell you. It was hypnotic. Pure madness. It took me by surprise. My body was unable to move. I had no words after it. I couldn’t get up. My knees where week.

Watching the movie I found myself resembling with the crazy Nina, the perfectionist, the obsessed, the possessed. Maybe that’s why my hands where shaking at the end. Because I realized that he greatest obstacle ( but also an opportunity, let’s not be dramatic ) in our life is our self.

I found these pictures to show you how I see the two swans.
So, here is Odette:

… and here is her evil sister Odile.

If at the beginning of the movie I couldn’t understand why it is called “Black Swan”, now I know. It’s because of the dance of the Black Swan. Vivid, seductive, poisonous, perfect.

Photo source: All rights reserved. Jeremy Nicholl, the pink ballerinas. Kara Allyson, the red ballerinas.


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  1. roxana
    February 21, 2011 / 09:28

    m-a fascinat pur si simplu

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