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Cristina Feather 1

I sometimes get this feeling that nothing is quite unique anymore. That’s why even though I like to experiment in fashion and in life I can’t help to admire the ones that have found their way and stay true to themselves. Even if that means wearing the same tee three times a week (with washing days in between, of course!).

So my name is Feather and even though I was mocked as a child for it, now that I’m all grown up I came to love my name. And I really like to surround myself with feather like stuff (not necessarily real feathers, as I am not a big bird lover). That’s why when I saw this feather necklace I felt it was made for me (no please, don’t ruin my little dream!).

Cristina Feather Cristina Feather
Reserved blouse/H&M shorts&bracelet/Musette sandals/Carpisa clutch/No Name necklace/Borealy feather necklace

Photos by Horia Stan for Blog

These photos were made for an interview I had for this fun site –> where people post their cool looks – and if you’re a blogger you should definitely give it a try. The interview is in Romanian so for all my foreign readers I just hope you enjoy my outfit and keep close with your messages.

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Uneori simt ca nimic nu mai este unic, special, original. Tocmai de-asta, chiar daca imi place foarte mult sa experimentez in materie de tinute, de mancare (si altele, sa nu va plictisesc), ii admir sincer pe cei care si-au gasit CALEA (directia) si sunt fideli acelorasi lucruri – chiar daca asta inseamna ca poarta acelasi tricou de trei ori pe saptamana (intre spalari, desigur!).

Deci numele meu este Pană si chiar daca am suferit pe seama acestui nume atunci cand eram copil (cu glume precum “cum te cheama?Pana?? De cauciuc sau…? Si nu mai zic de faza aia prin care a trecut toata lumea cu “Pana mea”), am ajuns sa-mi iubesc numele – mai ales in engleza, cum mi se pare ca suna mult mai dulce, si cum am fost alintata atat de des pana s-a lipit de mine. Si uite asa, am inceput sa indragesc simbolurile cu pene si tot ce poarta pene (nu ma omor neaparat dupa penele reale – fuste si alte chestii cu pene – nu sunt un mare fan al pasarilor). Dar atunci cand am vazut acest pendant in forma de pana de la Borealy m-am indragostit de el pe loc si am simtit ca a fost facut special pentru mine. (si va rog, lasa-ti-ma in pana mea sa visez!).

Hai sa ne cunoastem mai bine (mai bine de atat???! – da!) pe Instagram @CristinaFeather!

Si daca sunteti curiosi, puteti citi interviul aici.


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