Dior Tahiti. Caught up betweet an espadrille and a ballerina

I have a problem with these Dior Tahiti from the spring/summer 2011 collection.
What are they supposed to be?
Besides the bright colors (we understand the “Tahiti” in the name), what’s going on with the shape? If you don’t get it at a first look, pay more attention to the nude pair.
So are they meant to look more like espadrilles or ballet shoes? Because they remind me of both, in a bad bad way…
Is it because we are talking about Dior we should want to pay 1550 dollars on them? If you feel so, here‘s where you can find them.

This one pair, that is also a part of the Tahiti collection, I like. Orange is such on this season. It’s all about the powerful colors. And most of all, I like that they don’t hide what they really are: they are platform wedge sandals made of crimson rope laces and citrus-hued suede. They can be yours with 850 dollars, from here.


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