Facing the sun

Ioana Ciolacu tee/ H&M eco-fur, scarf and fur/New Look booties

The best thing to do on a rainy dark day like this is to think positive and think about the sunny days. It’s a safe way not to be down all day with a sad face. It works for me!

Winter outfits tend to be more in grey, black and maybe some brown. That’s why I always think how to add a pop of color to the outfits. This time was this animal printed red scarf, that you’ve also saw here, serving the same purpose.
 Also, what do you think about this little nipple pink hearts? Too bold for you? Ioana Ciolacu also has the one heart choice. I find it pretty funny, but I wouldn’t wear it on a dinner with the parents.

Zara bag/vintage ring

Photos by Andreea Veder from Cut The Biography
May you float like a feather through the day!

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