I’m not your psychologist, but I will love to hear your problems

I know I’ve told you this before: I love chunky sweaters. And because Stefanel is like the mother & father brand for chunky sweaters shopping, I went there to try on all they had in stock. And I finally fell in love with this one here. Its color, its style, its soft feeling and most of all – it’s chunky feel – perfection! And how to wear it best? Over more knit. Like this pretty skirt here that I also found at Stefanel.

Photos by Andreea Veder
Stefanel sweater, skirt and shoes/Borealy.ro necklace/Fossil watch/New Yorker ring

This look made me feel like a psychologist or something like that so that’s where the title came from. I really have no idea how a psychologist dresses [maybe more formal, I remember Ally McBeal saw a lot of psychologists], but I know if I where one, I would dress like this. I think this look inspires warmth, confidence and calm – which actually I am, but I would also like to find that in a person that I tell all my life to. Putting that aside, my post is not about how a psychologist should dress but about us complaining to anybody that inspire us any of the things I’ve just enumerated.
I once read in a book that when we complain we are actually making an unfair trade with the one listening. He or she gets charged with all our negative feelings and we are liberated. The author said that this was an awful thing to do to our friends or to anybody that we know and so that the trade to be fair – our complaints would be better told to somebody who is paid to listen to us –> someone like a psychologist. The idea made completely sense to me and got so stuck in my head that every time I hear complaints (and mostly from people that are not my best friends) I get a little detached and try not to get filled with all those negative feelings.
These are harsh times we are living in, my friends, and we all have problems. But the most conscious thing to do – mostly when you meet new people or people that you work with – is to avoid, as much as you can, complaining!!
I once heard this quote from Lou Holtz, an American motivational speaker and I’m going to leave you with his inspiring words:

“Never tell your problems to anyone! 20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them.”

This week I’m up to preparing three photo shoots for next week and one for this week. So I really hope that I will manage to find the time to keep you posted on the blog with what’s going on.
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Stiti deja cat de mult imi plac puloverele mari, oversized – sau pulovaroaiele – cum le mai zic eu. Si cum Stefanel este mama si tatal puloverelor mari, am facut o vizita pe la magazinul lor si am probat tot ce aveau pe stoc. Preferatul meu a fost acesta in oranj si argintiu, dintr-un material super delicat, pe care probabil l-as purta fara nimic pe dedesubt intr-o seara romantica in fata unui semineu, intr-o cabana la munte. (cliseu!)
Cum nu eram la o cabana si niciun intr-o stare foarte romantica, l-am purtat alaturi de o fusta tricotata, tot de la Stefanel. Iar cum acest look m-a facut sa ma simt ca un mic psiholog, am mers mai departe cu ideea – de aici si titlul.
Aceasta tinuta imi inspira un om cald, prietenos, de incredere si calm – trasaturi care ma caracterizeaza dealtfel – [dar nu asta e ideea] – si pe care le-as cauta in cel caruia i-as incredinta toate problemele si gandurile mele [ascunse]. Nu stiu exact daca un psiholog se imbraca asa, poate ca pune pe el ceva mai formal, dar eu, daca as fi avut aceasta meserie, asa m-as fi imbracat.
Lasand toate astea la o parte insa, postarea de astazi nu este despre cum ar trebui sa se imbrace un psiholog, ci despre felul in care ne plangem in general tuturor oamenilor pe care ii intalnim si consideram ca au cel putin una dintre calitatile pe care le-am enumerat mai sus. Am citit odata ca atunci cand ne plangem are loc un schimb incorect intre noi si interlocutor. Acesta primeste toate vibratiile negative si se incarca negativ cu problemele noastre – iar noi ne simtim eliberati. [Misiune indeplinita!] Ca “targul” sa fie corect, spunea acest autor, ar trebui sa platim pentru neajunsurile pe care le cauzam – deci sa consultam un psiholog, singurul a carui meserie este sa asculte ‘all our crap’.
Mi s-a parut ceva atat de corect si atat de bine punctat incat de atunci, mereu cand cineva se plange in fata mea [mai ales cineva care nu imi este prieten] ma detasez usor si incerc sa nu las acele ganduri negative sa ma afecteze.
Pana la urma, traim cu totii vremuri grele si pline de stres. Toti avem probleme, iar cel mai bun lucru pe care il putem face pentru noi si pentru ceilalti este sa incercercam, pe cat posibil, sa nu ne plangem!

Si ca sa inchei aceasta pledoarie [care, by the way, este si pentru mine!] va las cu un citat al lui Lou Holtz, un speaker motivational american.

“Nu impartasi problemele tale cu nimeni! 20% dintre cei care te asculta nu le pasa, iar ceilalti 80% se bucura ca le ai!”

Saptamana aceasta ma asteapta munca pentru mai multe pictoriale si pregatirea a trei sedinte foto pentru saptamana viitoare. Asa ca sper sa pot sa revin pe blog cat mai des posibil, pentru a va tine la curent cu tot ce se intampla.
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  1. March 25, 2013 / 18:43

    Super tinuta.
    Puloverul e intr-adevar special!

  2. March 27, 2013 / 16:40

    You look so pretty! In love with the sweater.


  3. March 27, 2013 / 17:50

    love, love and love!

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