Jimmy Choo launched perfume

Jimmy Choo is no longer just a shoe company. They’ve just launched their first fragrance. And as if that wasn’t enough to swallow, Tamara Mellon also decided that she should be the image of the product.
Even if the bottle is ok, I find it a little boring, and I was waiting for something more creative. Let’s not forget about Anna Dello Russo’s perfume bottle, which I absolutely adore.

Of course, Tamara Mellon, who is proud of her – we must say – very sexy body, at age 43, needed to show some skin in the ad campaign. Nothing new with that, as the shock came earlier, last year, when she had a photo shooting with the controversial Terry Richardson, wearing only Jimmy Choo stilettos and a kitten between her legs.

The scent is being described as one with notes of exotic tiger orchid, sweet toffee and Indonesian patchouli, mixed with green top notes. Sounds great and as long as the combination doesn’t scream “FEET” we can live with the idea that Jimmy Choo no longer produces only shoes.

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