Margiela with H&M collection on me

Diana from H&M showroom invited me the other day to try on and photograph the Margiela with H&M collection. I was thrilled to see the clothes but most of all I was really glad to see that quality wasn’t an issue and the Margiela spirit was kept intact. My sister took the photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did trying everything on. 

I’m not the type to get tattoos, but this blouse makes the rebel in me twist and turn.

This shirt is for sure on my to buy list. It’s from the masculine line and I just loved it the moment I saw it. The satin sewed loose bow-tie gives it a carefree feel, but the cut is formal and stylish.

These red beauties are also must haves from the collection. I was dying to see the shoes because I love the Margiela plexiglass shoes for a really long time. Remember the Cinderella shoes?

   The candy-like clutch is delicious, don’t you think? Not for me though….

This dress gave me a big headache. It’s rather difficult to get into, but after you do, it does magic for you. This way worn here I looked a little bit like a Salem witch, but the other way was so cool. I’m not lying when I tell you I felt that it gave me wings.

This necklace is sick cool. Felt like I was going to the scaffold though.

My sis actually tried to put her hand into this glove petite bag – but her fingers are to damn long to fit this little thing. The shirt was round shaped and made me think of the sun and the moon. Anyway, I prefer the gents one.

Isn’t this belt biker jacket to die? I can’t wait to see it on a cool bad boy!

The turtleneck blouse made me feel like Megamind. Badass but in a dork kind of way – because it’s made out of socks. Doesn’t sOck at all, get me? It’s superhero cool.

If you think you can do this at home, think again! These boots are only for the most stylish men with an attitude.

Catwoman was a bitch but that’s why we love her! This leather bracelet made me think of her. 

This jacket is another piece that gave me the superhero feeling with its structured cut. I think Taylor Tomassi Hill would rock it. But I don’t look so bad either, don’t I?

At last, but not least, the blanket dress is perfect for the homeless little girl inside of me. But I could never show it to my grandma. She would think I went mad.

What do you like most in this collection? And what do you think it’s most probable you will end up buying? See you on the 17 November (only in H&M Baneasa Shopping City here in Bucharest)!
Kisses, Feather

Photos by Andreea Veder



  1. November 3, 2012 / 16:29

    Te prind bine mai toate piesele.
    Sunt curioase care e preferata ta!

  2. November 5, 2012 / 10:39

    i like all !! but most of all, the dress:)

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