Marni at H&M VIP party

Last night I went to the Marni at H&M VIP party which was a blast, met with a lot of friends, socialized a big deal and drank two glasses and a mini bottle o champagne (which made me super lovey dovey and funny like a clown/in a girlish cute way, of course). For the first hour I was like hypnotized or enchanted, or something like that, because all I could see where the clothes. Being late for 15 minutes made me loose my chance to buy for myself the silk green printed pants that I wanted so much and replace them with the pink pajama style silk shorts. The white necklaces that I also love where nowhere to be seen (they where out of them in perhaps the first 10 minutes) and the silvery shoes that I had my eyes on where not even seen for the public – my guess is that they where maybe reserved from before.

So it’s not about the Marni at H&M clothes that I got to buy, but about the experience and the fun (and the super good music)!

It was really a great night and for a one hour long line at the cash register I’m glad I had so many friends front and back so we could laugh it out.

Got to go now – to the airport – to Barcelona! Where I’m gone shoot some Barcelonian shoes:) just for you!



The super cool romantics


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