Monday Shoe Love


Saint Laurent SS14

Today’s Monday Shoe Love is less about the shoes and more about the… socks. Yes, you heard me well, socks!

chanel spring summer 2014

Chanel SS14


Christian Wijnant SS14


Miu Miu SS14


Sonia Rykiel SS14

I don’t know if it’s the good weather that got me thinking about sandals and shoes instead of boots – but I love the idea of socks out in the open. I know this trend is not for everybody, but after all, we are gathered here because we want to try different things and for that we stand united. My ultimate favorite look on the catwalk was at Saint Laurent with those glittery socks mixed with kitten heels and pointed toes shoes. They give me the magic vibe of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and they make me dream, wish and make it happen.  (And yes, I know, they’re more Michael Jackson than Dorothy, but even so, who wouldn’t want to imitate Michael Jackson at least once in their life? Tell me, WHO!?”)

On the other side, there are the Chanel see though plexi shoes mixed with casual classic socks, a combination that I really like but can’t help to wonder what would my grandma say. Because she would have something to say about that. Like “sweetheart, why would you mix your father’s socks with those pretty shoes? who’s gonna want you now?”. Oh, and speaking about that… my boyfriend would probably just say “NO! I’m not going out of the house with you wearing those!”. But I guess that’s OK. I would get to wear them with my fashionistas girlfriends and I’d still be pretty happy about my fashion audacity. Because that’s me: I love a good classic shoes + socks combination. And I have outfits to prove that: here, here and here.

Here are some cool socks to buy:


Asos glittery socks


Cole Haan socks,


Missoni socks,


Volcom socks,


Betsey Johnson socks,

image2xl (1)

Emilio Cavallini socks,

image2xl (2)

Emilio Cavallini socks,

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