Rainy Sundays are for blog watching

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It used to be – rainy Sundays are for magazines – but lately I’ve neglected the fashion magazines and preferred to go online for style inspiration. Aren’t fashion magazines doing the same?
So I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my favorite bloggers around the world.

1. The Man Repeller 

I love Leandra Medine’s style. She is the Master of layering and I love the way she always has that look on her face like she doesn’t give a damn of what other people think (even though she makes a living on what others are thinking about her). Take a look at her “Lessons in layering” category, those are fun! And even though I feel that lately she has became too into publicity and it seems like every post is about advertising some brand or some product, she still hasn’t lost her touch. Her blog is great when you want to read something hilarious!

2. Gary Pepper.

It’s not just that she is so beautiful, but the photos her boyfriend Luke takes are completely amazing. She always feels like a modern princess in a beautiful fairytale. She lives in Australia and she is the first to open my appetite for this country and also the great  fashion bloggers that live there. Her style is colorful and fun and if you are down with the cold and staying in bed, Gary Pepper blog is the best medicine. It just makes you dream and feel better.

3. Into the Gloss.

Emily Weiss from Into the Gloss had this magnificent idea of asking celebrities and not only – how they take care of their skin, hair, etc. And everybody is curious about that. So there you have it! The recipe for success. But how do we know it’s real? Because, I for one, never read the Beauty editorials in magazines because I believe everything is just advertising. And most of the time it is. Also, the thing with beauty products is that everything is so personal. How can one compare skin products when everyone has his own type of skin? Even so, I love Into the Gloss for the fun approach, for funny articles about things that have nothing to do with beauty, and because Emily is always so fresh, honest, and brings good arguments into her articles. Also, who wouldn’t want to know Olivia Wilde‘s beauty tricks or Andreea Diaconu’s hair routine? (also, this is a good read for my Romanian followers as Andreea talks about some treatments that are very common here in Romania and that her mother has thought her).

4.Shine by Three.

Margret Zhang is a natural beauty and I love her exotic look in the urban clothes, a style that she often proves to master. But also, there are other times, when she goes back to her roots (somewhere in Australia, I believe) and poses in the most amazing backgrounds that I’ve ever seen. No bling, no extra accessories… just simplicity and a clean fashion sense that I love.

5. We Wore What.

Danielle is super cute and has a clean, sporty but urban style. Her style is so well defined that I some times feel that she is repeating herself, but boy, I would love to have that! I mean, I’m still searching for my own style, still experimenting, but I really admire people that know exactly what suits them well. I know, you will say, but you are a stylist!! But, I’m always next to such beautiful clothes… The different styles tempt me so much. True, there are things that I wouldn’t touch. But then again, there are some others that I would just like to try on. lately though, I’m becoming more and more selective, so maybe soon I will be more true to one style too. (and no! I don’t believe that’s boring at all!)

6. Camille Over the Rainbow.

Camille is another blogger with a beautiful and well defined style. Her clean looks are very inspirational. I can’t wait for the warmer weather – I love her all white outfits so much, I must try this at home.

7. JouJouVilleroy.

You have to agree with me: Eleonora Carisi is one of the most sexy and stylish bloggers out there! The girl’s got sex appeal, but she’s also got attitude. Her style is colorful, full of cool experiments, but every time they have this thing… this sensuous vibe. I don’t know if that’s because of her Italian heritage, but I love it!

8. Karla’s Closet.

Karla is another fashion blogger that I consider sexy as hell! She has that “je ne sais quoi” that I just love. Her curly short cut hair also contributes to that. If my hair was curly I would cut it just like that. Her style is cool with no effort and her jewelry collection is beautiful. No wonder she turned jewelry designer for Roman Luxe and now she can create the jewelry that she always dreamed to have.

9. Style by Kling 

Elin Kling is already a blogger celebrity. Her style is clean and I love the way she never follows trends… that’s someone who knows exactly what she likes and what suits her best. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

10. The Coveteur

Erin Kleinberg, Jake Rosenberg and Stephanie Mark/ Photo huffingtonpost.com

Last, but not least, my absolute fav blog: The Coveteur. It has turned in such a successful brand (also like TMR or ITG ) that I actually wasn’t even sure anymore if it’s a blog or just an online magazine. The idea of going into somebody’s closet or home is so appealing to me that I would just die to be a part of the Coveteur’s team. I know, that sounds a little like a burglar mind … but I always had this curiosity about people’s homes… when I was a child it was one of the first things that I would imagine when I met a person… his home, his universe. Strange, huh? I know. But that’s why I love The Coveteur so much! And the way they style the decorations + clothes – it’s just a beautiful way of telling a person’s story.

What are your online stops for inspiration? 

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