Rosabella UGG’s to start 2011 with warm feet

Happy New Year, everybody!

This is my first post for 2011. Maybe you would expect me to talk about some of my favorites, Louboutins or maybe some Charlotte Olympia; but I feel I must be more realistic as the weather outside does not even allow me to dream about those two. So I thought I can tell about this model of UGG’s, that I saw a few days at our Famous Brands store, and I find very appealing.
Rosabella look much better on your feet that they look in any photos. They are pretty feminine actually, and they go perfect with a skirt or a winter dress.

You can buy them from UggAustralia at 200 dollars, or pay more for them if you want them quicker from the stores in Romania. If you chose to do so you must know that the price here is almost double.
I have some changes in mind for Feather in a shoe in 2011. I hope you will stay close and don’t forget to take photos of your new shoes and send them to me at I need all the help that I can get from you to make this blog grow so that you all stay informed about the shoes you love. We share the same passion, so I know we will have a lot to talk about in the new year.
I wish you many pairs of beautiful, good shoes, in 2011, that will take you where only your mind and dreams have taken you before.
New adventures await for us! So let’s put our shoes on, smile and start a new beautiful chapter in our lives! 2011 here we come!

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