SEX. The NEW Shopping Report.

The new SHOPPING REPORT is now out! The magazine is so fresh and young, feels like a breath of fresh air between all the glossy magazines out there smelling like naphthalene that old people use to keep the moths away.

This February SHOPPING REPORT talks about SEX. And I… I talk about my favorite shoe designer… no need to guess, you already know: Christian Louboutin. Doing research for this article made me love him even more and if you want to discover his universe you must find Shopping Report, buy it and taste it’s sexy pages. YUM!

Last but not least here are the shoes of a real fashionista. You know you love her! Ioana from Fashenzine posed as the shopaholic of this month’s Report. She was a real cutie letting me take some photos of her Louis Vuitton boots. Thank you, Ioana!


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