Styling for the January issue of Femeia. magazine

I’m always happy to work with super beautiful and talented girls and Andreea and Martha where so cute, fun and so fresh – that the entire photo shoot was about laughter and girls secrets. Ok, not all about that. It was also about sweaters – cardigans, turtlenecks, embellished, in neon colors or with special effects and geometric prints.
This January is extremely cold with temperatures going – 10C at night and keeping under 0C at day – here in Bucharest. So needless to say that a cosy and warm sweater is an essential buy for any of us living here now. What ‘s your sweater choice?

Beautiful makeup and hair by Ioana Cristea and Iulian Urlan 
Photography by Sebastian Enache 
Models: Andreea Matei 
             Martha Marghidanu/MRA Models 
Styling: Cristina Pana


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