The Shopping Tip: Let spring come! sticker; Alina Carp necklace; Chole perfume

Or at least pretend is here. I need spring and cherry blossom trees like I need a breath of fresh air – desperately. So I thought to infuse a sense of flowers in my life. And what better way to do that than to change my Iphone case with a pretty girlish sticker? I mean, we are glued together and it’s the one thing that I look at 24/7 hours a day, so it may as well look like spring.

Also thinking of spring and new beginnings I thought I should change things around a bit and organize it so you can navigate easier through the site and find what you are interested in. That’s why you will be seeing some new buttons to push around really soon. Until then please feel free to press play on the music player installed by Cut The Biography. For more musical updated also Like them on their Facebook page. I promise you will discover new super cool music that will match any of your moods.


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