The Shopping Tip. Sexy Lingerie for you and for your boyfriend

I’m not saying you should go and buy some lace underwear for your boyfriend. I’m saying that it’s just easy to be a girl on Valentine’s Day (sorry guys!). You buy sexy lingerie for you + you put it on with your man at night = you keep the sexy lingerie also for you and you alone & but it’s also considered you have gifted your man with a pretty image that he can sleep on. Isn’t that just perfect?

Here’s what I’ve spotted for you in one of my favorite lingerie shops:

Bra, 195 lei + Briefs, 85 lei/ Bodysuit, 458 lei

Bra, 280 lei + Briefs, 150 lei

Bra, 850 lei + Briefs, 615 lei

*All the products are from ID Sarrieri. This article was not paid.

And now, as I promised here are the winners for the Tshirt Factory GIVEAWAY 

Congratulations! You will soon be contacted for more information! 

Stay close and fly free as a feather in the sky! 


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