When I grow up I want to be just like Me

I saw this little bundle of joy at Il Passo event and I couldn’t help myself thinking of me a long long time ago.

When I was young, at my parent’s home, we used to have a huge shoe closet that had a big and very heavy door (at least that’s how I remember things, but I was so petite, who knows how big was that door?!). Every time my parents left me and my younger sister alone at home I had to open that door and try on all my mom’s shoes. That was a difficult task. I had to get a large chair from the dining room, get on top of it and open the closet’s door that had a kind of huge hook and eye closure at the side. After that it was like Disneyland. All kind of shoes, so pretty and so well kept. My favorite, that I remember today, was a pair of black patent stilettos that had a little bow on the pointed toe. I took them for a tour around the house until I broke the heel. I got on the chair, put them on the higher shelf right back where they were and closed the heavy door. My mother never knew what had happened when she needed them for an evening out with dad…Or maybe she did and never said a thing. The story never came out. Until now.

I’m sorry mom, but you can see why little girls have such a thing for bigger shoes… they look forward for the moment when they will fill those shoes proudly.


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