Winter color blocking

Zara pumps, Adesgo hose, vintage leather pants
Bucharest is beautiful in the Spring. Which means it’s not beautiful now, because it’s Winter. It’s so grey and dark that you can easily feel depressed or down. That’s why we need colors so much around here.

I may have taken it too far with this chicken yellow sweater – I felt like a small chick in it – but it was perfect for a bit warmer January day. It was also the only time I could use this sweater – only with leather pants and with no other coat over because it looses all it’s puff, leaving it on the other clothes that it touches. Believe me when I tell you: it’s not something you want on when going out with your boy and want to cuddle – because he might be terrified about how his coat will look.

H&M bag & ring, Promod bracelet, Fossil watch

Etro boyfriend shirt, H&M sweater, vintage leather pants, Adesgo hosiery, Zara pumps, H&M bag & ring, Meli Melo necklace, Promod bracelet, Fossil watch

Meli Melo necklace, H&M ring, Fossil wathch
I also used red hosiery under the black leather pants to add more color. I hate colored hosiery – I’m that person that will tell you – yell at you, actually – NOOOO! Don’t wear thaaat! They are hideous and don’t make anybody look pretty or nice. After the 60’s I don’t know why colored hosiery were produced anymore. So I thought of a way of braking my own rule – and this was it. Not showing the entire leg in a poke your eyes color – but just as a base for a nude toned shoe. Hope you like the idea and maybe try it home. Just be sure that the shoes are a in a neutral color and have no other details!

  All photos courtesy of Andreea Veder
I’m also very happy after seeing your reaction on the “The Woman Behind the Clothes” first episode with actress Iulia Verdes. I had this project from a long time in my mind and now I can finally bring it in front of you. I’m waiting for your opinions at Write me about other questions you would be interested to see, but also what personalities working in Film, Theater, Advertising, Public Relations, Media, working with art or just in an artistic domain – you would like to see featured on Feather in a shoe, styled by me, in this special section – The Woman Behind the Clothes.
I’m already planning the next episode – and it will be beautiful!!
Stay close for more, 


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