Hi there, beloved readers! My name is Cristina Pană (which stands for Feather in English) and I’m the one behind all the articles on Feather in a Shoe. I first started this blog in 2010 with photos of people’s shoes, but since then the site has developed into a place where I share my projects, fashion photo-shoots that I work on as a Stylist, Fashion and Shopping Advises that I can only hope to help you, but also outfits that I wear here and there. Lately, I’ve been paying more attention to lifestyle & beauty, and also integrating a more office appropriate look to the blog (as I now work in a big corporation and what to wear on a regular basis is always on my mind).

I work as a E commerce Visual Merchandiser and Campaign Manager at a Fashion Online Store. In the past I’ve worked as a Fashion Buyer and Stylist at eMAG Fashion, Fashion Editor & Stylist for Femeia. magazine, Shopping Report magazine, www.shoppingnews.roVictoriaOnline.ro. I’ve also collaborated on Fashion Public Relations projects for Romanian designers and small developing brands & worked with brands on their look books, advertising campaigns and other advertising and marketing projects as a Fashion Consultant & Stylist. More about my work here.

I’ve studied Journalism and Mass Communication and I have a major on Advertising and Public Relations Campaigns, but my latest studies have been regarding Fashion History, Fashion Styling and Fashion PR.

I love classical movies, good music, books, summer, the sea, denim & feminine dresses. I love simplicity but I can’t refuse myself a bit of glamour. I adore my family, my friends, my man & my cat. I love to joke around and sometimes I do all kind of silly things just to make my friends laugh and feel good. I’m super sociable and can talk for hours with any stranger, so if you see me on the street don’t hesitate to say Hello!

Hope you will enjoy your time here!