Autor 8 – Contemporary jewelry fair

I totally support this event because I love the involvement in it. Romanian young designers bring their most beautiful pieces at this fair and for anybody who loves accessories this is a must go event. You will find unique jewelry – and hey! isn’t that what we are all craving for? Also, the collectors and the most passionate of you will take a breath of fresh artistic designs, perfect to inspire your lifestyle but also your work.

The fair takes place this weekend – 3 & 4 November – at Sala Dalles. Participants: Ana Wagner, Adina Marin, Expression Contemporary Jewelry, Alexandru Lupu, Alin Teglas, Alina Bancila, Alina Carp, Alina Simion, Alis Lalu, Ana-Maria Ariciu, Andreia G.Popescu, Moogu by Andreea Mogosanu, atelier44, BuyHand, MyPrecious Buzztard, Carla Szabo, Adc Bijuterii Arhitecturale by Delia Matache, Gabi Urda, Harem6 (Ildiko Muresan & Flavia Marele), Ina Moisi, Statement Jewelry By Ioana Enache, Ioana Matei, SumiDesign by Ionut Sumedre, Iuliana Asoltanei, Ligia’s Accessories, Livingenbermudas, Andra Lupu, Maria Filipescu, Mihaela Ivana, Mihaela Tarhuna, Mona Velciov, Lady Magpie, Noha Nicolescu, Oana Tiganus, Odette Lupu, Ostra Berdo, Pezzi di Sogni, Prochaine, Raluca Buzura, Romana Topescu, Roua de argint, Roxana Davidescu, Ovidiu Sbancu, The Awesome Project. I personally can’t wait to see Alina Carp, Carla Szabo, Lady Magpie, Harem6, Maria Filipescu, Pezzi di Sogni and Raluca Buzura, but every time I went I had many beautiful surprises so I’m setting my mind free and expecting for the best from all these talented Romanian Jewelry Creators. See you there! Feather


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