Dear Santa,

Another year has past and here I am again, writing to you and telling you what a good girl I was. And I was! I worked a lot, styled many beautiful photo shoots, made a lot of new friends; I was nice to my family, friends and boyfriend! I was kind, told no lies (almost, but the exceptions where always made for a good cause) and took good care of my new baby (baby cat, that is). So please Santa, pretty please, would you just check the stuff on my list and take into consideration the things I have such a big desire on!
Here is my small and humble (it depends on how you’re looking at things) list…

1. A pair of fringed boots that I would wear everywhere because I’m in love with their free spirit vibe.

Mango boots, 859 lei

2. An all-day, wear everywhere Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. I’m so into this brand’s bags. They are timeless and super chic.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Natasha bag, on for 357,94 euro  
3. A colorful and beautiful painted silk scarf from Keszeg Agnes. This woman is a true artist!, 265 lei 

4. A statement ring from YSL that I am longing for ever since I first saw it on a street style blog, long, long time ago. 

Yves Saint Laurent arty gold-plated glass ring, on, 195 euro

5. A Dannijo necklace. It’s so hard to decide which one. Because there is no right or wrong answer. They are all stunning and I would just go crazy for one.

Dannijo necklace, 298 dolars 
Thank you so much Santa for reading my letter! Wish you all the best and I hope that the snow doesn’t stop you from doing your job on my fav day of the year… Christmas! 
Yours truly, 


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