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Hi guys!

This week, a wonderful project initiated by LinkedIn caught my eye. 80 + influencers share lessons from their youth. Top minds in business in every industry from retail to media, tech or healthcare talk about their choices and their path as young men & women and give advice about how you & me can do it better.

If I was to look back, I think my 22 were Ah-mazing!! But, even if I partied a great deal and bonded with my friends much more than I do today, I admit I regret not studying more at that age. I’m also very sorry I didn’t do the “Work & Travel” program as I find that to be a very cool project to be involved in when you’re a student.

So here you have it. My advice for the 20 something out there: Don’t let a day go by without learning something new and don’t be afraid of new experiences!

Have a great weekend!

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