How TOesday: The oversized cardigan

1How TOesday The oversized sweater
I purchased this big soft thing a year ago from a small store in the center of Brasov. I usually am a difficult and annoying buyer. I think a lot before buying anything. I try different sizes and colors, get out of the store, come back a second time if the product really sticks with me. So most of the times sellers hate me big time. But this time was different. I just saw it, tried it on  and instantly said: “I’ll buy it!”. It was love at first sight… and touch. 
2How TOesday The oversized sweater 3How TOesday The oversized sweater 4How TOesday The oversized sweater 5How TOesday The oversized sweater

Monsoon Cardigan / vintage leather pants / New Look boots /

Replay knitted hat / Zara bag/ TopShop gloves

Photos by Liviu Stroe

I wore it in something I would now call a “weird” outfit last year, in a blog post entitled “You keep me warm”. But since last winter I stocked it somewhere inside my closet and just found it days before we would leave for our Holidays Vacation, to the cabin in the woods. [haha]. And I thought to myself “this is the best companion for the road”. I was so happy I found it, like there was no other chance to wear it if I hadn’t worn it on that precise day. The ride was perfect. It kept me warm and cosy all the 6 hours drive. Pure magic cardigan.

<< Remember this Insta-moment? >>

Everything was good until we got there. When I got out of the car, my seat was covered in fluff. It was like this mohair cardigan had separated in two and one part didn’t want to leave the car anymore. My boyfriend, who is an absolute fluff and fuzz freak, went crazy. I protected the cardigan. “There would have never been a perfect time to wear it again this year.” ( Yeah, because the year was over in 2 days).” It was the perfect blanket for the road, because I’m a chilly person. ”  Needless to say this cardigan created a lot of problems in my relationship.

After turning back home, it was a new year and the sweater needed to see what’s going on out there. So I “pretty please” asked my boyfriend to take pictures of this outfit. He said “Fine! But after this you must promise me you’ll put it back where it belongs: in your closet’s back”. I said OK even though I would never believe this pretty thing belongs in the back of my closet.

So here we are together, happy and free.

Oh, yes, on the matter of the subject: HOW TO wear an oversized cardigan, here are my tips:

* Don’t add so oversized pants. Skinny pants or slim pants are the best. I didn’t follow this advice, but somehow the outfit worked. But as a rule to follow, you mustn’t mix chunky with chunky. You’ll end up looking short, fat and most probably like a hobo.

* Mix with leather details for a not so girly approach. Fluffy things make a great pair with tougher things. One more plus for leather: Mohair sweaters tend to leave their trail behind and leather doesn’t catch any of that fluff. Match made in Heaven!

* Denim also works. It always does.

* Don’t wear too many pieces underneath. You will look bulky.

* Avoid oversized cardigans if you have an inverted triangle silhouette. It makes you look disproportionate.

* Mix with mini skirts, pencil skirts, shorts, skinny jeans.

* Don’t go for something too oversized if you are a mignion. You’ll look like a shrunken baby in a blanket.

* Ad a hat or a knitted cap for a more urban approach and you will get the look you desire.

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  1. Andra
    January 14, 2014 / 11:24

    imi place combinatia de stiluri cu caciulita. awesome! 🙂

  2. Iulia
    January 14, 2014 / 11:59

    like it!

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