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Hi! My name is Cristina and I’m an Instagram addict!

“Hello, Cristina!” I can hear your voice say. Without further introduction I want to present you some of my favorite counts to follow on Instagram.  

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This is @evachen212! Eva is the classic New Yorker and a true shopaholic. She is also the Editor in Chief of Lucky magazine, which has re-blossomed under her watch.

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It’s almost impossible not to have shoe envy while following Eva. But she’s so cute and fun, that you can’t hold a grudge. I love keeping my eyes on her account because of her almost daily posts with what she’s wearing and her super snaps of her accessories – with shoes and bag of the day. Also, Eva is a keen reader and she always recommends great books.  Another thing, that I must admit is new to me, is learning more about beauty products and what to use. And Eva knows and Instagrams all about beauty. She is the former Beauty Director of Teen Vogue magazine and she has a big passion for beauty-talk.

She was hired by miss Anna Wintour herself and was called “the first editor in chief of our generation”  by Leah Chernikoff, the editorial director of Fashionista.com and one of the industry’s most confident voices to follow on social media, by the New York Times. So she is kind of a big thing. But she will never show you that. Instead, she’ll show you her smile, her manicure and her shoes.

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Promise to come back with more super cool accounts to follow on Instagram and also interesting and smart bloggers to keep your eyes on.

Photo source: lamodellamafia.com & @evachen212 instagram account

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