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You’ve heard this saying more than once. Attitude, attitude, attitude! It’s all that matters! But sometimes, you don’t have the energy or the guts for it. And those are the moments when all you have to do is fake it, until you make it. To do that, all you need is a good attire. Really, that’s all you need! You can say nothing, do nothing, just let your outfits speak for you. The outfit that I’ve put together for today is one of those outfits that will do all the talking for you.2cristinafeather hat 3cristinafeather hat 4cristinafeather hat 5cristinafeather hat 6cristinafeather hat 7cristinafeather hat

Stella McCartney hat from Victoria 46/ Zara denim jacket, necklace & bag

New Yorker eco leather pants/vintage sweater / H&M booties

Photos by Liviu Stroe

What do you need for an outfit with an attitude?

1. A HAT. A great hat that suits your face will do wonders for you. You will be noticed easily when entering any room and you will instantly become more important. Madame Chanel once said:
“A woman’s education consists of two lessons: never leave the house without stockings, and never go out without a hat.”

Times have changed, but even so, Chanel knew that a hat is not only about elegance, but also about being noticed.

2. LEATHER PANTS/LEGGINGS. Anything leather will instantly add a toughness to your look that you need for showing an attitude. I love leather leggings or very skinny pants and I’m planning to enlarge the collection soon, not only because of their cool vibe, but also because I think they go well with my body type.

3. SOMETHING DENIM. Denim will always have a rebellion sense in it. Even if it’s so mainstream.

4. HIGH HEELS. Stilettos are the epitome of bad ass clothing, but because we’re only humans we can’t walk in them all day. I suggest to pick a pair of comfortable heels that will allow you to keep your head up high and your back straight.

Now tell me, what are your choices when it comes to attitude dressing?

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Feathered kisses



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      Multumesc, Vlada! De asemenea! 🙂

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