Kate Middleton’s shoes for the Royal Wedding. The designer sketches

You know how everybody has an opinion on who will design THE dress for Kate Middleton’s wedding with Prince William. Well, the WWD and me (of course) where wondering who will design the shoes. It’s true, maybe we won’t even be able to see them (because of who knows how many ruffles or because of a three streets long train). But in this case, the shoes will be like her secret. And in front of so many people to have something for your own (something special) gives you such a positive energy. So good luck in picking sweet Kate. If I was to become a princess I’d give both Georgina Goodman and Manolo Blahnik the chance of touching my precious feet.

So here is how I would pick:

1.Georgina Goodman

Her design: An antique Welsh lace pump with 
Scottish seed pearls and pearl-inspired heel. “I wanted to create something special with an intrinsic emotional value; something old and at the same time mirroring Kate’s fresh modernity. … I have aimed for a balance between history and femininity fitting the occasion; a kind of luxury recycling.”

PS: Are there some feather – like details on this shoe or is it just my imagination?

2.Manolo Blahnik

His design: An ivory silk pump with organza lilies of the valley and sea pearls. “It represents springtime and everything fresh and new, which is what Kate Middleton is all about.”

3.Cesare Casadei

His design: A single-soled silk pump with jeweled straps and embroidered floral details. “Kate reminds me of a 2011 Audrey Hepburn. … This elegant design is customized with embroidery and multishaped clear crystals, to create a waterfall of stones dancing down the foot. I can see Kate dancing all night in this ‘new tango’ heel.”

4. René Caovilla

His design: A white satin sandal with marabou feathers and multicolor Swarovski crystal gems. “This shoe is fit for a princess because the sandal is elegant, sexy and precious, and it suggests a magical atmosphere.”

5.Giuseppe Zanotti

His design: A black satin sandal with large sapphire centerpiece and surrounding diamonds, on a metal-tipped stiletto. “I wanted her shoes to match the classic and sophisticated elements of her ring, but with a younger, modern edge. Jewelry for the feet is my DNA, so designing for a princess comes very naturally.”

I really doubt that a classical lady like her will choose black shoes for her wedding day. That’s why my last pick are the Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

Which are your personal favorites and what do you think she’ll end up wearing?

Designer quotes and sketches: WWD


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