London calling!

Charter Club sweater, Reserved cardigan, Primark leather gloves, H&M trousers, bag and necklace, Venturini boots

If you are following me on Instagram (if you don’t already, do it now right here!) you already know that I’ve spent my autumn vacation in London. Because I wanted it to be a true vacation I shut off from everything – internet and even phone. And yes, it’s actually possible! Yes, yes, in this century!
Anyway, after coming back I was packed with so many meetings, shoots and well… a lot of work. That’s why I haven’t had the time to share with you some photos from there.
After all the freezing, walking for kilometers, drinking a lot of tea (but also coffee), and visiting, I stay true to my feelings from my first visit to London. Love! Love! Love! I don’t know how people can live their though. I mean, I love a crowd, but that was more than suffocating. But I guess I would forget about that too, with all the Museums, the great restaurants, the short subways stations, the huge parks with the friendly squirrels (my boyfriend didn’t give up until he fed one – with chocolate!!), the shops with the most beautiful windows displays and the fun musicals playing almost on every night (and morning).

“I did it! I dit it! I did it!” 
 The Queen wasn’t home…
 My favorite thing – from far – was an entire day spent at the Victoria & Albert Museum. The “Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950” Gallery took my breath away and made me dream that I was a Countess dressed by Dior himself. You may still visit it until the 6th of January 2013! Its worth the trip, believe me when I tell you it was gorgeous. 

 Only Princess Diana could have pulled this one out, seamed with small pearls from head to toe.

This one with the open back and the huge ribbon was by far one of my favorites. I don’t really like bows and even less a striped bow, but it was so dramatic and bold, that it instantly got inside my brain that I should have been the one to wear it.

 Vivienne Westwood beauty!

Also at the V&A – “The Hollywood Costumes” exhibition this was a beautiful introduction in the Hollywood world of the costume designers – that where the only designers many years ago-, but also a deep introduction in the Directors and Actors minds regarding how costumes influence the way they understand and get inside their parts. Loved it! It was surprising at every single step! I wasn’t allowed to take photos though. But Liviu snapped Darth Vader for my sister, who is a big fan. This exhibition can still be visited until the 27th January 2013.

Kisses, C.



  1. November 21, 2012 / 22:37

    Deci expozitia de costume e si mai minunata decat mi-ai descris-o!
    Vreau si eu!

  2. November 22, 2012 / 09:31

    A fost minunata expozitia! Iar eu am pozat doar rochiile vechi, care au fost mai aproape de sufletul meu. Dar erau expuse si rochii noi semnate Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney sau Mary Katrantzou din ultimele colectii. Rochia McQueen din pene purtata de Daphne Guinness la Met Gala era mind blowing! Anyway, don’t get me started!! :))

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