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Sa combini printuri poate fi la fel de FUN cum este sa combini bauturile. De cele mai multe ori ti-e rau a doua zi cand te trezesti. Ai o stare de greata si vrei sa regurgitezi. Dar, din cand in cand, rar ce-i drept, daca ai facut lucrurile “ca la carte” esti ok, si tot ce-ti trebuie e doar putin mai mult somn.


Mixing prints can be as fun as mixing drinks. You wake up sick in the morning and want to get it all out. But other times, those rare times, things work out well if you play by the book, and all you need is just a little bit more sleep.

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Photos by Liviu Stroe
Makeup Artist Ioana Cristea
Hair Stylist Iulian Urlan

big thank you to my dear friends

Mango coat / New Yorker sweatshirt / Diana Bobar on www.welovecouture.com skirt / H&M shoes / La Plume necklace 

Ce scrie “la carte” despre printuri? Ca ar trebui sa pastram o linie cromatica astfel incat culorile unui print sa se regaseasca si in celalalt. Eu am purtat nuante neutre ca sa fiu sigura ca nu dau cu bata in balta. Printul sweatshirt-ului are fix aceleasi nuante cu printul pantofilor, chiar daca unul este zebra print si celalalt snake print. Iar fusta a venit ca o completare jucausa si mai feminina a unui look de zi. Colierul La Plume cu pietre gri este si el din aceeasi ecuatie neutra. Desi as fi putut sa risc aici cu putina culoare, am vrut sa pastrez linia mai ladylike si mai cuminte a tinutei.

Promit sa revin cu mai multe mixuri de printuri! E un joc foarte distractiv!

PS: Am updatat sectiunea SHOP cu mai multe coliere noi! Take a look! 


What does “the book” say about prints? That you should keep a certain chromatic line between the prints. This time I wore neutrals for a safe experiment. The sweatshirt’s print and the shoes’s print have the same colors – even though one is zebra and the other is snake. The skirt came as a playful and feminine add to the look. My La Plume grey necklace completed this neutral hue look. Even though I could have risk it and add some color, I just wanted to obtain this chic ladylike outfit, that I hope I obtained.

I promise to come back with more prints as this game is so much fun!

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