Monday Shoe Love

michael kors ss14
Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2014

Snow has covered Bucharest. But as one of my favorite sayings says ” Build yourself a carriage in the winter and a sleigh in the summer” (Fa-ti iarna car si vara sanie), I always like to anticipate weather and to buy the shoes that I only can hope to wear soon.

a detacher ss14
A Detacher Spring/Summer 2014

john galliano ss14
John Galliano Spring/Summer 2014
rag&bone ss14
Rag&Bone Spring/Summer 2014
Chloe ss14
Chloe Spring/Summer 2014

So yes, as you figured it out – this Monday Shoe Love post is about wedge heel shoes. I have a love-hate relationship with them. Sometimes I feel like they’re the ugliest shoes on the planet, other times I just have to have a wedge on my feet – or my feet on a wedge.

It’s now secret in the shoe lovers world that if you want a true wedge you should go on Here are my picks:


 Below 14 on


Liberty on


Bananas on


 Bowery on


Selfie on


 Opening Ceremony on

This shoes are not for the light-hearted. But even so, they will surprise you and look wonderful with a light breezy dress, but also with cut black jeans. Even tough they often remind me of the 90s fashion – Spice Girls and Andre group in Romania – I can’t just ignore them. They have a je ne sais quoi that attracts me. Like Natalie Portman as Alice in Closer. She looks weird, she is clingy and kind of annoying but I can’t keep my eyes of her.  [If that makes any sense to you at all, than maybe this relationship is one to last.]

I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for Zara to come up with a model similar to the Michael Kors blue snakeskin style. What’s your opinion on the wedge heel shoes? Love or hate?

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