Perfect pumps on the perfect occasion

These Ann Taylor pumps are absolutely perfect. And more than that: perfect for me!
They where a present from D, who I was more than lucky to get to know… she’s the warmest lady ever!

Tonight I wore them for the first time- I got them earlier today, thinking they don’t fit me… but they did. And I had the sexiest legs at Venera Arapu’s event for the opening of a new boutique, especially created for young Romanian designers, Vitrina.

I’m curious about Vitrina and can’t wait to see more and more young and talented Romanian designers out there. I think it’s great and so important that there are people that believe in them and invest in them as: Mirela Bucovicean from Molecule-F, Angelica Dumitrescu from Entrance, Venera Arapu and others. So keep close, maybe next time we’ll meet you’ll be proudly wearing Andreea Badala, Lucian Broscatean or Rozalb de Mura.




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