The Woman Behind the Clothes: Iulia Verdes

Gabriela Dumitran Millinery Atelier; Statement Jewelry by Ioana Enache necklace; Reserved jacket & blouse; Koton pants;  Stone Creek shoes

Iulia Verdes is a young Romanian actress, a star to be and a really beautiful woman. You may have seen her by now in Elevator, awarded twice at CineMAIubit, in the “Poor man, rich man” TV-show, or this season next to Marcel Iures, as his daugher in “In treatment”, an HBO TV-show. Last year, Iulia has participated to the Sarajevo Talent Camp and to the Nisi Masa workshop for young European Cineasts.

Iulia is one of my best and oldest friends and because we have grown up together I know so many things about her that it’s difficult to just resume her in a few words. The most important thing you should know about her: she is super determined, very hard working, extremely talented, always speaks the truth, and she’s such a kind lady. But read forward because I’ve prepared some questions for her, so you can know more.
Nissa dress; New Look necklace/Reserved shirt & shoes, Zara pants, Statement Jewelry by Ioana Enache necklace

3 to-go pieces from your wardrobe that you use most frequently. My Converse, A pair of jeans, A simple white tee
What stores you most frequently buy from? I’m always on the clock, so the mall is a pretty good option for me. From there I go to Zara and Depot 96, a small Romanian brand.
What will we mostly find in your wardrobe? Shirts, T-shirts and bow ties.
A small shopping tip for our readers. Try a Murmur dress when you want to feel sexy and full of confidence and wear La Mode Toujourswhen you need a re-fill of positive energy and plan to conquer the World! It worked for me!
A personal styling tip. Always add a bit of color, for you and for everybody around you. I prefer printed bow ties. They make me feel good and bring a smile on the faces of people that notice it.
3 favorite brands. Comme des Garcons, for their unisex perfume Comme des Garcons 2, so intense, yet so fresh/ Coca Zaboloteanu for her colored, feminine and comfortable shoes, 3 in 1 / Samuel French Publishing – books, yes books! I first found the Samuel French bookstore in Los Angeles, and instantly fell in love with the idea: their slogan is “Make theater happen” and they publish plays, musicals, theater.
Favorite magazine and blog. I’m a constant reader of Vice magazine and I also strongly recommend Film Menu, a student magazine with contributors from UNATC, mainly from The Film Section.
I don’t follow blogs, but I’m a faithful reader of the good shopping advices from
A book and a movie that inspired you lately. “Secrets from the casting couch” by Nancy Bishop. Not inspiring, but motivating. And a good movie that made me feel that we have so much to learn from the kids – Moonrise Kingdom

Vintage dress; Statement Jewelry by Ioana Enache necklace; Gabriela Dumitran Millinery Atelier kerchief
A city that you would always go back to and a city you would like to discover. I’d love to go back to Los Angeles, where everything seems so carefree and the weather is perfect. And Paris, I mean, Paris is always a good idea, right? I’d really like to go to Tibet, I feel like that is the place where I’ll find all the answers to my questions.
What do you love about your job and what annoys you the most? I love the fact that I don’t have to press pause. I always have to keep my mind opened, to think and be preoccupied. I don’t work from 9 to 5, but all the time, with me and with you. Something that annoys me…hm.. Haven’t found out yet.
Share with us one of your dreams! I can’t do that! First I make it happen, and then I’ll share.
In another life you were… A God, a semi-god, or maybe just a great human being.
A recent epiphany: The difference between what is necessary and what is just an accessory.
What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? I see: life, hope, trust and determination.
Something that is never missing from your purse. My notebook and a pen.
Do you collect anything? Maps and postcards from the cities I’ve traveled to, and also handwritten letters – I have a few between me and my cousin since we were young and we used to make plans and talk about all our dreams.
A film or a play that you would see again especially for the costumes. Anna Karenina.
How can we be friends or where can we go out to meet? Just be you and we will find each other… if it’s meant to be.
Where should we look when we can’t find you?On the set or on the stage, rehearsing.
A future memory… I see myself working more and more, getting better and better at what I do!
A thought for our readers: Keep a note pad and pencil on your bed-side table. Million-dollar ideas sometimes strike at 3 a.m.
Vintage dress; Statement Jewelry by Ioana Enache necklace; New Look bracelet with ring ; Gabriela Dumitran Millinery Atelier kerchief

|Starring Iulia Verdes| PHOTOS by Mihai Bumbu | STILYNG by Cristina Pana | 
MAKE-UP artist Monica Panait | HAIR stylist Florin Blindaru|


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