TinaR brings a smile on your face

TinaR, a Romanian brand that turns 18 years on 10th of May next year, is joyfully gaining new powers with the help of new designers – I will be able to tell you their names pretty soon.

A new store will be opened next week in Piata Romana, Bucharest, followed by two others in Constanta and Arad. Also, for those who love the brand but don’t have a store in their city, I’m glad to tell you that in November you will be able to buy the clothes online.

In the spring the brand will be selling shoes also. That’s great news!!

Here are my latest purchases from TinaR.

A beautiful coral turtle neck sweater soft and nice that I also used in my last photo shoot for Femeia. magazine.
A white ballerina blouse with a soft embroidery collar. I already taken this out in the weekend and it got exactly the attention that I thought it would.
On the tag you can read “You can easily wear me with you/I’ll fit you just fine/Because I match with you and your smile”[“Ma poti purta usor cu tine/am sa-ti vin bine/Pentru ca ma asortez cu tine/ si cu zambetele tale”]
A checked shirt that reminds me of my first day of school, when I was 7 years old. I can’t wait to wear it with an XXL necklace!
And a ’60es like purse.

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