HOW TOesday: The oversized grey coat

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Oversized coats often look and feel like a cocoon. A word I love since I was a child and I first saw Cocoon, the movie. Who would have thought I could live in a cocoon of my own? A place I would feel safe, protected from the bad (and the cold), a place that helped me grow in the way I wanted to (fashion way speaking).

2cristinafeather howtoesday 3cristinafeather howtoesday 4cristinafeather howtoesday 5cristinafeather howtoesday 6cristinafeather howtoesdayPhotos by Liviu Stroe

Smaranda Almasan grey coat on / Koton blouse / New Yorker pants / Zara bag & boots / H&M gloves / Takko necklace

Oversized coats that match your silhouette and stature are difficult to find. As you can see in the photos, this coat goes over my knee, a non-desirable thing when you are already swimming your way into a huge coat. I was planning on making it shorter but couldn’t wait to share it with you. So here it is: a coat to love and to remember.

In the matter of the subject of our HOW TOesday: How to wear the oversized grey coat here are my suggestions:

* Go grey all the way with darker grey or black pants and a lighter grey or white blouse. Avoid the degradé effect.

* Or mix with a super light summer-ish color like orange or deep blue. Pick the pants for that – so they will stand out.

* Mix wool with leather. I love my burgundy leather skinny pants and thought this is a very good combo in fabric and in color.

* If the city allows it – mix with white skinny jeans. This is a great combination that I can’t really afford in the messy  Bucharest right now.

* Add a huge colorful scarf for more authenticity or just indulge in the anonymity of your grey coat without adding any more colors.

With that being said I must confess something: I’m having a Beyonce obsession moment. It all began with that moment at the Grammy’s with her and her hubby, the perfect team (press HD for a more accurate image, please). It’s impossible to look at them and not wonder how two mega-powers have found each other in this hectic world and work so good together. But, eh… well… let’s just listen and shut up.

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    Beautiful outfit and photos:) Great coat:) I greet:*

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