HOW TOesday: Wear denim with denim over denim

1Cristina Feather denim
Intrebare: O sa ne saturam vreodata de jeansi? Nu cred. Cel putin, eu sigur nu. Si pentru ca in ultima vreme aproape ca as putea sa dorm in jeansi, m-am gandit si la alte piese din denim care-mi fac viata mai frumoasa. De ce imi fac viata mai frumoasa? Pentru ca denimul e lejer, e cool, e stylish fara efort, e tot ce-mi trebuie! Rezulta: viata mai frumoasa.

Question: Will we ever get sick of denim? I really don’t think so. At least I know I won’t. And because lately I’ve been so attached to my jeans, I thought about other denim pieces that also make my life beautiful. What do I mean by that? I mean denim makes my life relaxed, cool, effortlessly stylish, denim makes me feel like the true me… denim is perfect! Hence, my life is more beautiful. 

2Cristina Feather denim 3Cristina Feather denim 4Cristina Feather denim 5Cristina Feather denim

Photos by Liviu Stroe

Makeup Artist Ioana Cristea

Hair Stylist Iulian Urlan

big thank you to my dear friends

New Yorker jeans & first shirt / Levi’s lighter shirt / New Look sandals with socks / H&M bag / La Plume necklace

Daca intrebarea voastra nu este cum sa purtam mai multe piese de denim in aceeasi tinuta ci de ce am face asta, va rog parasiti incinta. Asa, acum ca vorbim intre noi, cele care iubim cu adevarat denimul, iata cateva idei de cum sa porti denim cu denim.

  • Combina mai multe nuante de denim. Initial era o regula care spunea asta. Dar eu nu prea cred in reguli vestimentare. Facuta cum trebuie, orice combinatie poate arata bine. Chiar si ton pe ton. Daca esti incepatoare, mixeaza nuante deschise cu nuante inchise.
  • Evita mixul de piese taiate, decupate, sifonate cu piese taiate, decupate, sifonate. Vei arata foarte taiata, decupata, sifonata.
  • Daca iti place denimul, nu te limita doar la jeansi si camasi. H&M are primavara aceasta o multitudine de piese superbe din denim, dintre care acest trenci minunat  sau aceasta rochie absolut superba. Poti sa le combini cu sandale sau espadrille din denim.
  • Cum sa te verifici daca arati ok? Uita-te la poza asta si daca simti si cea mai mica asemanare, schimba-te!

Sa nu uitati sa-mi spuneti ce v-a iesit!

Ne vedem maine pentru un nou GIVEAWAY!


If your question is more “why should I wear denim over denim?” than “how to wear denim over denim?” than it means there’s no place for you here. Please go, go and hide. (Joking! Or am I?)

So here are a few ideas on how to do it:

  • Mix denim pieces with different hues. This rule is about mixing light with darker denim – but I don’t believe in rules – so the hell with it! I think if you do it well, you can go for the same tone denim shirt & pair of jeans and still look super cool.
  • Don’t wear cut out and distressed with cut-out and distressed because you’ll end up looking like you’ve just time traveled with you washing machine.
  • If you truly love denim, try something new. H&M has some great denim pieces in the SS collection like this beautiful trench or this amazing I have to have it dress.
  • How do you know you can get out of the house? Look yourself in the mirror – than look at this photo. If you find any resemblance, you need to change ASAP!


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