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Nu am crezut ca voi aprecia atat de mult o salopeta. Dar cred ca doar dupa ce porti una, iti dai seama de avantajele pe care le ofera. Recunosc ca ideea mi-a venit de la Native Fox, o bloggerita pe care o urmaresc in ultima vreme si al carei stil e foarte pe sufletul meu. Vedeti aici cateva tinute care includ o salopeta: 1, 2, 3, 4. Apoi am vazut aceasta salopeta roz si am zis ca trebuie neaparat sa incerc si eu. Nu imi amintesc sa mai fi purtat salopete pana acum. Mi se pareau dubioase, greu de purtat, potrivite doar pentru silfide. Apoi m-am indragostit negresit de aceasta piesa vestimentara. Promit sa mai caut salopete si sa revin pe subiect.

I had no idea I could appreciate a jumpsuit so much. Until Native Fox made me want to try and see for myself. See exhibit 1, 2, 3 and 4. After seeing her I’ve got this idea stuck in my head that I had to wear a jumpsuit at least once. But life went by and there was no jumpsuit on the horizon. Until one day, when I saw this pale pink jumpsuit and I felt the urge to have it. I always thought jumpsuits are weird, hard to wear and look OK only on models. But now, after wearing this one, I’m hooked. I promise to be on the watch for new styles and to come back with more outfits.

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Cristina Feather jumpsuit2
Cristina Feather jumpsuit 1

 Photos by Liviu Stroe

Alexandra Ghiorghie jumpsuit on / Giuka bag / Pimkie jacket / New Look sandals / H&M choker necklace / Pandora Essence bracelet & Confidence charm

Pana una alta, hai sa vedem cum putem purta o salopeta ca sa aratam modern & cool.

  • Poarta mereu pantofi cu toc subtire, pentru alungirea optica a siluetei. Nu incalta platforme sau sandale cu tocuri groase decat daca lungimea pantalonilor le acopera.
  • Opteaza pentru accesorii simple, minimaliste: un lant lung, un choker, o bratara delicata.
  • Alege genti pretioase. Nu pune alaturi de o salopeta stylish o geanta shopper. Singura exceptie o face o salopeta de plaja.
  • Stai dreapta si ai grija la decolteu! Asta in cazul in care salopeta are un decolteu adanc, precum cea pe care o port eu astazi.

Intotdeauna cand alegi o salopeta, fii foarte atenta la croi! Daca stii ca ai picioarele mai scurte, alege un model cu talie inalta. Daca ai soldurile late, evita un model foarte larg in dreptul soldurilor, cum e cea pe care o port eu. Decolteul adanc in V e perfect pentru pieptul mediu sau mic, dar poate arata vulgar pe un piept generos. Voi purtati salopete?

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Until then let’s see HOW TO wear a jumpsuit in a modern & cool outfit.

  • Always wear it with delicate high heels. Use platforms or chunkier heels only if the length of the pants crosses the heel.
  •  Use delicate & minimal accessories.
  • Add precious bags. Don’t wear a stylish jumpsuit with a shopper bag if you’re not planning to go at the beach.
  • Stay tall and beware your cleavage! More so if you are wearing a deep V neck, like I am here.

When you are picking your jumpsuit be very careful of the cut! If your legs are short, choose a high waits cut. If you have wide hips avoid harem style pants – like the ones I’m wearing. A V neck is beautiful on a small or medium chest but can look rather vulgar if you have a bigger bra size.

Now tell me, do you wear jumpsuits?

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