HOW TOesday: Wear sweatpants with boots

1sweatpants and boots cristinafeather
I was planning to approach this subject for a while now. But the days got by and I forgot about the sweatpants. Yes, they are comfy and warm. And yes, you can wear them with other pieces than just UGG boots.
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7sweatpants and boots cristinafeather

Pimkie jacket/ Zara sweater/ H&M shirt, necklace, bracelets/ Abercrombie&Fitch knitted scarf from

New Yorker sweatpants / Mango boots

Photos by Liviu Stroe

The problem is that I also forgot they got large and kind of homeless looking. And as much as I appreciated “the homeless chic look” on Mary Kate Olsen back in 2005, I know that’s not a “cool” style anymore. And only God (and Mary Kate) know why “homeless chic” was ever cool.

[Don’t get me wrong: I could have preached that style. It got me so bad in one year that all my friends were mocking me and calling me names. The only thing I could never do though was not washing my hair more than 2-3 days in a row – I believe there should be a law about that!.]

Even so, nothing stopped me from showing you what I have planned to show you: HOW TO wear sweatpants with leather boots. Tadaa! 

* Pick simple sweatpants and mix them with cool boots

* Add some color

* Mix textures by adding a knitted sweater or a silky blouse

* Leather will always save you from a “no!no!” outfit

* Add statement accessories. In this case I picked a chain necklace for a more edgy touch

Now, I should also tell why to never buy sweatpants or at least – why you should not “invest”.

Sweatpants will always loosen after you wear them more than 4 times. No matter the brand. So don’t bother to buy expensive sweatpants. They will make your ass look BIG and you will definitely be man repellent while wearing them. So don’t wear them on a date or on Valentine’s Day ( Do that if you want to ditch a guy but have a problem in telling him that. After seeing you in loose sweatpants that look like you’ve just did number 2 in you pants, he’ll have no problem to say “BYE!BYE“.)

Remember! Sweatpants are a casual staple. Don’t wear them to the office, no matter your knowledge in layering and mixing styles. You can still make them look cool by wearing them with pointed stilettos – a style that Kylie Minogue patented back in 2001 in Can’t get you out of my head video and continued in Love at first sight video (with stilettos and cargo pants!!).

Mostly, unless you are a skinny bitch you can’t just go on wearing sweatpants everywhere you go. They will give you a bad reputation. If you don’t really care about that then just try them with your boots.

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